Mimosas for this type of Sunshine

Hello Sunflowers,

It has been awhile since we last talked. I know, I know. I have turned back into my old ways, leaving without a single trace as to why. Well, I’ll tell you why.

Do you see the little boy in the picture above? He’s wearing a bit of green, perfect little buttoned nose, those adorable little dimples… and oh, did I mention those big eyes. (Well, you can’t tell in this picture with the sun right in them.) But yes, him. He is why. I will begin by saying he is my biggest privilege in my life. The joy and sunshine to my cloudy days… and let me say I have quite a few. My little 3 year old is the reason why I have to start and stop and start and stop. *Wishing I could grab a Mimosa right about now.* Where was I? Oh, he is the sweetest, most loving boy I know. BUT… he is also a little Tasmanian devil plotting to somehow murder me unintentionally. If that made sense. Being a mom is beyond hard work. I’ve definitely said this before. But it is. So, I thought I’d dedicate the time to write this out, a small piece of my own advice, as a mother trying to figure out her own life.

It is hard. I know it. You know it. We all know it. Raising children is beyond time consuming, beyond hard working, but I know also beyond rewarding. We all love our children. Our children are our reasons for doing something. But… we also give up on ourselves. For awhile, I began to notice I was comparing my life to someone else’s that seemed so perfect. The perfect child. The perfect mommy. The perfect views. The perfect everything. Blah. Blah. Blah. F*** your perfection. Imperfection is perfect. I had almost forgotten that those are the imperfections of their own perfect. Doesn’t make sense to you? Well, half the time we capture pictures such as the one above, it isn’t just all cupcakes and rainbows. It’s as hard as shit. (Excuse my language lol.) I think I’ll take that mimosa now. It is hearing them cry and scream, and throw a big fat tantrum. And not to mention, bribing them with a chocolate cookie for one big damn smile. And all the while, each time you are losing more and more hair. HAHA! This was all the reason of why I started my blog in the first place, and for it to be called, Sunflowers and Mimosas. Sunflowers are the beauties of my life, such as my son’s photo above, and my Mimosas are so I can hide the alcohol in a bit of juice and not seem crazy for going crazy. If I am being really honest, I don’t even drink. It’s honestly just not my thing, but I thought mimosas would be a great way of creating some type of escape from the hell we mamas endure sometimes. Again, these heaven sent Tasmanian devils.We love our children. No doubt, no question. I mean most of you wouldn’t be on this blog, reading about another mama’s drama if you didn’t. I wanted to offer a piece of advice all starting with one word. Realize. Realize what you see on social media, what you see through family and friends, what you see on T.V, it is all just the perfect part of their own type of imperfect. It is not always what it seems. Every and any mother will always going through some type of doubt, criticism… just a lack of something in some area of their life with a growing child. I want to tell you, do NOT ever be discouraged. Do not ever let the fear of something, stop you. Do not ever let the hard part, keep you from something great. If your child is a little bit harder to reach than someone else’s, do not let that stop you. Trying can NEVER be failure. The moment you stop is.

I didn’t want to make this a big story, so I will wrap this up. I just wanted to share to other mothers, who may have felt down a bit. I was there. I know it is hard. But you can do anything. Remember, you are a perfectly imperfect trying mother. You can accomplish the world. And you will. Even better, with those little one’s by your side. Even if they are little heaven sent Tasmanian devils. Oh boy, do I love my son so much. I hope I made you smile a little bit. And you’re hair isn’t completely out yet. It is time to go grab a mimosa. The child is calling for me.

Cheers and Enjoy.

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