Promises From Above

Hello Sunflowers,

It is so great to be able to share this incredible photo but one of the most important moments in my life with you all. This literally only being a few months ago. For those who don’t know, I am a beginner photography. I didn’t realize photography would be a passion of mine, but I absolutely love it. It gives me something to do when there isn’t anything to do. It was such a privilege of mine to be able to capture not only this photo’s scenery but with my son included. Heres why.

I was waiting the whole day for my husband to get out of work and come home so I can do a practice for children shoot on my son. Finally, he gets home and we go to the spot. I wanted that perfect lighting to we went around the time sunset would be starting. I tried multiple attempts to get at least one decent picture. It all failed. I was so bummed. He wasn’t cooperating. He got curious. I got frustrated. It was a total mess. So I said, whatever I’m done, let’s go home. I began just taking shots of the landscape and the sky and got what I thought were a few good ones. I was happy with that. It was then I noticed my son walking along a path by himself. & So, I captured the back of him. I hadn’t had a chance to view the photos, because we just finished up and left home. By the time it was already dark. I get home and start to edit. Went through a ton of crappy ones I took, then found this. I took one glance at this photo and chills went down my body, my heart warmed up, my eyes ready to bawl, and began crying. That exact moment I had remembered a promise me and God exchanged when my son was born. I have no idea as to why it came to my mind, it was just a photo after all. My son is two years old in this picture (still is two years old) and since the day he was born I’ve only thought about that promise, maybe about twice. Now on to the backstory.

So a little back story during these days right before this photo was taken, I was having complete breakdowns and was worried all of the time. We were going through some medical issues with my little MJ. He had been getting fevers every month, twice a month, around the same time as the last. Not only had we been dealing with that, we were told about 5 different reasons as to why this was happening. Some of his blood work was abnormal, so we had to keep trying to do more blood work. (Thankfully, the last set of blood work results came back normal.) I was a complete mess. We had just moved 7 hours away from everyone (family, friends, etc,) due to my husbands job transfer. We were completely alone in this situation, not knowing what in world we could do. My husband, who was really my strength during this time, would get up to work his night shift schedule, (he had 7/12s, which means 12 hour shifts, only 1 day off every two weeks.) come home drained and still go with me to my sons appointments. He was exhausted physically, mentally, and I’m sure emotionally. I was feeling the same exact way so I could’ve only imagined what he felt. Not to mention, I won’t lie I am MRS. WEBMF******D, who googles every possible thing and diagnoses everyone.(Not funny, but it is and it’s true lol. If you’re laughing, you are probably the like me. HAHA) So… blah blah we were drained. Then, to make matters a little harder, we starting noticing my son wasn’t learning anything. He wouldn’t eat. He wouldn’t be up to date with at least the 25 words he was supposed to know. When we went home to our families, he’d have scream attacks (not normal tantrums at all) to be far away from them as possible. (a few other things along with this.) In simple words, IT WAS HARD!!!!! I spoke to my mom about the issues we were having and she reminded me to just pray and blah blah. In my head, I’m thinking, pray???? Like I haven’t. Or like it’s really going to do anything. I was wrong. From one day to another, it just slowly began getting better. We weren’t as worried anymore. We weren’t freaking over things anymore. It’s like an ease of faith came over us. He stopped getting the fevers these past months. He will be due for some blood work soon but everything just stopped. We moved back home to keep him around family and he has progressed SOOOOO much. & We are blessed. Especially because this isn’t the case for many others in similar situations. And if you are reading this and you have situation your going through with your child, I just prayed for you. Prayer is power! Our God is healer of all healers, doctor of all doctors, and one big GOD! I will never stop saying that. I hope you overcome any battle placed in your paths. And I will say motherhood ain’t a joke. It is HARD. But just as you are a mother, God is our GOD. And he is greater, bigger, and stronger ( and every other possible word) than anything on this Earth. Remember, Romans 8:31: “If God is for you, who can be against you.” Nothing. Will. EVER. Be. Against. Our. God.

Now back to this photo and the promise. James 1:17: “Every good and perfect gift is from above…” When I had my son, I held him and made a promise with God. I wasn’t anywhere near having a relationship with God. Sometimes I’m still not. I fail daily. During those days, I failed a lot more. I was conformed by things I liked and the world. So that day I made a promise. I promised to do my best in making sure he’ll be a man of God. I’ll give him all the tools in order to keep him growing spiritually. I’ll do my best to teach him prayer, for us to both grow in him. I promised. And he is promised. He is and always will be a child of God. In return, God promised me his future. Jeremiah 29:11, “For i know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper and not harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future.” He promised me that in him there will always be hope, grace, forgiveness, growth, prosperity, and most important love. I was reminded of how good God is. So seeing this photo, was like an answer I had been waiting to hear. He didn’t tell me anything in that moment of promise but two years later in a moment we were struggling.  I didn’t ask at the time, I had barely prayed but HE answered. Just as he promises he always will. Psalm 66:19: “But certainly God has heard me; he has attended to the voice of my prayer.” I’m going to close with he answers. He will always answer. I am forever in debt to him for letting me borrow MJ on this Earth. I am blessed. I am thankful.

I hope reading this some how inspires you just a bit. It is different to see through someone else’s eyes. I only pray you start to see through God’s. James 1:5: “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given to him.” May God always be with you. Happy blessings.


My prayer for those mentioned in the third paragraph and even those with no situations. : Lord, I lift up these mothers and possibly fathers reading this prayer. You know my words aren’t always that great. But if they are going through something, you know, I may not know, but you surely know. And if no situation is present, we thank you, & I pray you always keep them at peace, and remind them of just how much love you have for them.We know you are good. As i said before, you are doctor of all and any type of doctor, you are healer of all and any type of healer, you are good. I ask that you grant strength, grace, FAITH, wisdom, growth, healing, and love and just welcome it inside of their hearts. I know you love us Lord. I know in John 3:16 you gave us your son, to have ever-lasting life and having faith in you we are able to. I lift these others up to you. Thank you for the many blessing big, small, noticed, & even unnoticed. Whether we realize it at the time, we thank you. I lift hurting and happy hearts up to you. I ask you give them peace and comfort in hard times. And again, I thank you. Thank you for loving us. Amen.

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