Being a Mother Pt.1

Hello Sunflowers,

Today I will be sharing a small glimpse of what motherhood is like in my shoes. I am mommy to a “TWO” year old. When I capitalize “TWO” it is because I really want to emphasize how and what two stands for. Two is definitely TERRIBlE yet INCREDIBLE. Before I begin, I will say I am not a drinker, it is just not my thing… but with the exception of having a two year old boy, I will be enjoying my mimosa right about now.

My two year, MJ, is seriously the best gift that I could have ever been given. He is the light of my life, but that doesn’t mean anything is easy. These past two years I have had the privilege of being his mommy, watching him grow and learn his personality, trying to instill bible scripture in his everyday life, but let me tell you…it is NOT easy. Having a toddler is having no showers, having no time for yourself, having non-existent time with your husband, unfriending your friends, and simply being cut off from the whole world. I can’t even sit at my computer screen without him crying for me to be right next to him. If that isn’t already frustrating, you go through the tantrums, the picky eating habits, the stress, the screaming, and a shit ton more of an endless list. (please EXCUSE the language lol)

I am always in a constant question, is it just me as a mother struggling with my two year old, like am I really that awful? I see tons of women on social media and they make it look so damn easy. That is not the case for me. Being a mom is hard. And if you are reading this it is probably because you are a mom too. Either dealing with it or having already dealt with it. Cheers to that my friend because I am there right now. And I applaud you as a mother and a woman for getting through it day by day. No one can ever understand what being a mom means and the things you will do and go through. After all that negativity up there, let me tell you something. I deal with that everyday. BUT… it will never compare to the hugs and kisses I receive daily, or the mommy sit down and basically cuddle with me, or the i love you’s. I am my son’s bestfriend. When he is hurt, he wants mommy. When he is happy, he wants mommy laughing with him. He is my pride and my joy. AND I absolutely  adore being his mother.

The point of all of this was to share my view on being a mommy. Right now I only have one, so I can only imagine what life is with more. But I still bet through it all, it is great. If you are a mother, may you always prosper and grow with your child, I only hope to. I hope you enjoy this first motherhood post. I hope to grow in my motherhood posts too.


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