Let’s talk about…Change.

Hello my sunflowers. 

Let’s all have a discussion on change. Change is a part of you in every moment of every day. You change up routine, you change habits, you change outfits, ideas, inspirations, motivations, and so many more things. Or you’re like me and do the same thing.. every single day. Ehhhh. Let’s stop right there. Any one reading this, let’s change. First off, GO GRAB YOUR MIMOSA. You will want it. Second off, what are you doing. Look at the beauty around you. It may not be perfect, you may absolutely hate your life sometimes with all the thing dragging you down. But don’t forget around it there is a beauty beyond description. I took a walk to the park earlier with my two year old, and literally was stressing over my own everyday issues. We got to the park, he had a blast lol. On our walk back home, I forgot there were even trees nearby. What the heck?! I was thinking where did these come from. But no, they’ve been there for quite some time and I didn’t even acknowledge the beauty in them. I looked around and saw everything beautiful around me. When was the last time you saw the beauty around you? Matter of fact, when was the last time you saw the beauty in you? You don’t need to travel the world in order to see the beauty of things. (though it still is a dream for many of us to do & that is perfectly okay.) But all is already great. We tend to miss those things like the sky setting to night.. or the sun coming up in the morning. Or even the flowers and trees blooming near us. We miss those things by our worries. Change. Because today, I want change. I want to remember that I can and I will. Life is our greatest blessing. So LIVE. I want to see the world for the beauty it is, not the ugly we create. AND you should do the same. So cheers my friend, with my mimosa in hand. Go breathe. Go live in beauty and change. Join me now.

By the way, how beautiful is this scenery.

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