My first blog post

“Hello to all my fellow sunflowers.”

I am so beyond blessed and excited to start this journey along side of you all. To begin, I will share a small taste of who I am, what I hope to be, and where I dream to go. My name is Valerie. I am married to my highschool sweetheart and mommy to the silliest two year old boy. (I will share more at another time.) I am a SAHM, a full time student majoring in bio-chemistry, and a beginning photographer. The reason for this blog and its name, Sunflowers and Mimosas is because I have personally reached a point in mylife, that I feel the sunflowers are a part of my daily need of strength, guidance, knowledge, and even wisdom. It is the purest form in light and love. As for the mimosas, it is another word covering “alcoholic” lol. Just kidding.. but it is for those days that are a much downer. I mean I have a two year old literally going through terrible twos as I am trying to discover who in the hell I am. I am 100% positive that I can not possibly be the only one. And the greatest gift of it all is, it is okay. It is okay to sometimes not be okay. I hope through this new journey I can be somewhat of a piece of light you will come to on those days you need that mimosa. Darlings, I’ll even hand make that mimosa for you. I dream at a later time this becomes a united group, focusing on high spirits and a few drinks. I aspire to inspire as mother, wife, christian, woman, and whatever else I can be. Thank you for already taking the time to read my first posting. I pray for you all who come across my page to be filled with many sunflowers and many more mimosas. May you be filled with love. ❤

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